19 People Noticed Major Red Flags On Their Friend’s Wedding Day

Image via Clevver
Image via Clevver

When you think wedding, you think best night ever. It’s a night full of love, and music, and BOOZE. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot. You see, some people are just not meant to get married.. I know, SHOCKER! There are reasons people marry the wrong person. They feel trapped, they settle, or they’re just plain ‘tupid. And sometimes, they don’t even realize it’s a bad fit until it’s too late. But sometimes other people notice the red flags before you do.

Friends or family members notice crazy signs, like one member checking out someone else a little too frequently, or someone with completely dead eyes that doesn’t seem to care about their partner at all. It’s actually pretty damn sad.

Well, these 19 people not only noticed red flags in someone elses relationship, but they noticed the day of their wedding. Yikes for bad timing. So in that situation, what do you do? Some of them said something, while others remained silent, and watched everything fall apart.

These 19 people witnessed major red flags at someone’s wedding:


At my brother’s (first) wedding, my Grandma apparently saw a brief exchange of looks between the Bride and her boss. She kept her mouth shut and sure enough, within the year, they were divorced, Bride was f*cking her boss.


The groom looked bored throughout the entire wedding. He fought back a yawn during the vows but everyone saw it. He was with his best man the entire reception and barely sat down with her. A month later the bride found out he was f*cking his ex and actually fucked her 2 days before the wedding. He actually invited her to the wedding and she sat at a table just smiling while she knew what a cheater they both were. Nasty divorce.


Cocktails before the reception & the groom is smashed. It was time for cutting the cake. So normally you just cut the cake & maybe rub a little into each others faces. Nope, he baseball pitched the cake straight into her face. I’m not exaggerating, everyone went completely silent. The bride runs out of the reception bawling her eyes out & her father follows. Her brothers start to get in his face but it was quickly calmed down. Once she returns the groom decides it is time to make an apology over the mic. You can guess how much of a disaster this turned out to be. Incoherent nonsense. As the night is ending, the groom is outside with her brothers & dad trying to fight all of them. Yup, the marriage was annulled the very next day.


They’re gonna do the cute feed each other cake bit. Well of course my aunt smears his face with cake & everyone laughs. But wait my uncle is PISSED. Checking his shirt for the frosting he’s wiping off his cheeks in disgust. She apologizes somberly & tries to help him get some that he missed but he pushes her hands away. Then he forcefully grabs my aunts neck & shoves her face into the rest of the cake. It’s on home video & you can hear a few people especially my grandma gasp. My aunt runs off & he chases her smearing cake all over her neck face clothes. It was obvious it wasn’t playful, violent is the only way to describe it, & he reacted that way in front of both families. How much worse would it be behind closed doors?

Written by Alex Cogen

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