These 19 People Were Regrettably At the Wrong Place and Wrong Time

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I dated this guy for a little over a year and he didn’t seem to be ready for commitment while I was very clear about my intentions of wanting to be in a relationship. Well, we were in San Francisco and I attempted to break up with him after another failed attempt to talk about our relationship status. He responded with the fact that he didn’t want that to happen and that he’d text me after his meetings.

I didn’t respond and was on my way to the airport before I made a pitstop for lunch and coffee. When I looked up, out of the window while taking a sip of my espresso, I saw him on the other side of the coffee shop window kissing another woman. Infuriated, I confronted him when he went inside to order their coffees. Eyes wide and slack jawed, he couldn’t even respond.

Guess that guy was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There was no time for forgiveness when I took stomped out of the coffee shop to get to the airport for my flight. That guy’s loss, because I’m a f*cking gem. Sorry not sorry, boy bye. Some people don’t have much luck when it comes being in awkward AF situations.

These 19 people were regrettably at the wrong place at the wrong time:


I was just about to head home after a night out in London, so I was casually standing at the coat check waiting my turn. However, I happened to be standing at the coat check when a guy was being thrown out of the club. This guy happened to be a little crazy, because as he went past me, he grabbed my shoulder, went to headbutt me, and at the same time bit a chunk out of my lip. I ended up needing plastic surgery on my lip, and about 5 years on I still have no feeling in that part of my lip!


A few years ago my girlfriend and I had just moved into a new apartment in a really nice area. About 2 months later, we had a brick thrown through a back window, but assumed it was some neighborhood kid. A few days after that we had 6 guys with guns break into the unit while we were there, pistol whipped us, and took most of our electronics/etc. They robbed the place because the previous tenant was a drug dealer who apparently owed them a bunch of money and they didn’t get the memo that he had skipped town.


My school takes kids on trips around the world for march break. Guess who happened to be in Japan for that big earthquake/tsunami a few years back? A group of Canadian teenagers and teachers. One teacher that was there tells of when they were in a bus when the quake hit, and the driver was swerving left and right a little, which they thought was a joke. They were laughing until they noticed the skyscrapers flailing about.


Hiking with my son about 10 years ago. Nearing the crest of a hill with a good view, I heard a gunshot. There’s a hunting preserve a few miles away so I didn’t think much of it. Got to the top and my son pointed out a guy laying on the ground. Thought he was drunk until I remembered the gun shot. I left my son at the trail and went over to look. Found a .32 caliber pistol on the ground with an entry wound above the right eye and a larger exit wound behind the right ear. Kid looked about 18 years old. I called 911 and led the county sheriffs to the body. They took castings of our shoes and for an hour or two I was a suspect in a murder until they could figure out officially it was a suicide. They told me about a half dozen suicides happen on that hill every year.

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