19 Teachers Share the Funniest Items Brought to “Show and Tell”

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“Show and Tell” is time for all the kids to shine, show off what they think is deemed worthy to show off, and bring a little bit of their personality to the table. One time, I brought an tiny, old school globe that my dad gave me and pointed out where we moved from halfway across the world. I thought it was neat, other kids didn’t. Also, kids can be extremely cruel in elementary school but that’s for another time.

Teachers hear and see the darndest things from kids whenever “Show and Tell”. From a teacher’s perspective, they have to brace themselves for what’s to come on this day. Making sure that everyone is out of harm’s way, knowing when to go to the principal’s office, and being able to stifle their laughter are all requirements that they should know when it comes around.

Everything is much bigger and more interesting from a kid’s perspective, no matter what it is. Probably vegetables are only uncool along with parents and clowns. So, when they do bring whatever they see fit as interesting, there’s always that one kid that’ll bring something unbelievably funny.

These 19 teachers share the funniest “Show and Tell” presentation a kid has brought in:


5th grade boy brought in his dads porn DVD collection. He took them without his parents knowledge… That was an awkward call home.


My brother (who was about 6 at the time) once brought in a lump of our dogs sh*t because he thought it was neat you could see carrot in it.


I taught science in a particularly diverse area outside of DC. To have some fun teaching inherited vs environmental traits, I asked my middle school students to bring in some food from their respective cultures to share with the rest of the class to show that our tastes in food are environmental. One Vietnamese student brought in warm, shelled, fertilized chicken eggs to share with the class. For those that haven’t seen these, they look like something out of the Hellbound movies. He and I cracked a couple, showed them to the class, and ate them. I had one kid promptly faint, 3 kids start crying, and the rest sat in stunned silence or awe.


In my first grade class, there was a boy who lived with his 2 sisters and mother (we always assumed he had a deadbeat dad) and was very weird (ie, no human contact outside of family). He brought in a special thing that, according to him, ‘it’s pink and sorta purple, and he was the only person in his family who had one’. It was his dead semi-decomposed hairless cat, which he had recent exhumed from his backyard.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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