19 Things That Really Should Be Illegal

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Legality in the world is super sketchy. Nothing is consistent in each country, and some things that should be illegal are legal, and vice versa.

We could talk forever about the things that should be legal and illegal, but let’s just focus on one, shall we? Let’s stick with things we think should be illegal. And there’s A LOT. Seriously, there is so much sh*t out there in the world that people get away with that just isn’t cool. If anything ruins most people’s lives and is just all around bad, then time to end it.

The following 19 people admit the things they think should be illegal, and I gotta say most of them have solid points. Like, does anyone out there even like telemarketers? NO, YOU DON’T. Or how about ridiculously textbook turn over rates? Like fuq you I bought a text book and they’re not using it next year so I can’t sell it? AWESOME. Alright, some of these are silly, but still, you can see some of these points, right?

These 19 things really should be illegal:


Telemarketing. It’s an absolute violation of privacy, IMO. And before someone says, “It’s already illegal,” note that any law that’s completely ignored is functionally equivalent to no law at all. The current laws regarding telemarketing are there as lip service to the community. They aren’t even enforceable. The burden of proof is on the person being violated and the capability to proof it is beyond the vast majority of people.


Calling something unlimited when there is in fact a limit in which the product/service I paid for is no longer the product/service I was using.


Radio commercials that feature loud ‘attention-getting’ noises, screeching tires, or car honks. There’s a car dealership near me that always opened up with this annoying ‘Wait! HONK HONK Hold on!’. One of their competitors countered with an ad that literally begins with a loud digital series of tones. It’s just noise to make you pay attention to the radio, but they always freak me out and are annoying.


Taking money for political favors no matter what the path that money took.

Written by Alex Cogen

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