19 Things That Really Should Be Illegal


Child pageants. Especially the kind where the parents dress the kids up like tiny prostitutes, and any case where the parents force the kids to participate even though they don’t want to.


Lying in ads. I see so many ads promising with me that I can connect with ugly horny moms but nothing happens.


Corporations holding or obtaining information about individuals should be required to send a full copy of that information to each individual by registered mail once a year. The idea is to make it too expensive to just hoover up the data and use it – they should only keep data on people they actually have business with.

Written by Alex Cogen

Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3. She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit (jk she'll admit it loud and proud). She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of