19 Unbelievable Stories People Kept To Themselves

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

Sometimes things happen that seem too good or horrible to be true. They are so unbelievable, that we don’t know how to process or handle it.

So, what do you do? You keep it to yourself. I mean, no one would believe you, right? If you’re experiencing a crazy time of harassment, something paranormal, or just a crazy awesome unreal encounter, how do you convince people that it happened? Heck, maybe you have trouble believing it happened in the first place.

Well, these 19 people are finally coming clean. From the crazy awesome to the absolutely horrible, these people are finally confessing their unbelievable stories that they’ve kept to themselves for so long. So brace yourselves, some are weird, some are awesome, and some are incredibly sad and devastating.

These 19 people kept their unbelievable stories to themselves.. until now:


Some 40 year old woman tried to make out with me in church. I was sitting at the back because I was a teenager and all like “fuck church.” Local drunk woman skitters across the long church chair thing and tries to make out with me, says she’ll pay me even though she clearly has no money. I just left.


Getting ready for work, early morning, was putting on my shoes when I heard a bark behind me from the other side of my living room. Saw my mom’s dog. Called him over and he sat between my feet while I petted him. Then, he just wasn’t there. I live in BC, he lived in Ontario. My mom had him put down that morning. He came to say good-bye.




I was couch surfing and this particular summer I was staying in California. I was at a rooftop party in Venice Beach and didn’t know anybody but my friend throwing the party. I was standing off in the corner smoking a joint when a tall skinny dude came up and started talking to me. We ended up having an hour long conversation, and as I was getting ready to head back inside he thanked me for hanging with him and treating him like a regular guy. I just kind of gave him a puzzled look and told him no worries. After meeting back up with my friend later he asked me what the hell me and Tony had been talking about the whole time. Turns out I’d been chilling with Tony Hawk all night and it was so dark I had no idea.

Written by Alex Cogen

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