The 21 Most Believable Conspiracy Theories

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Image via Giphy

When it comes to conspiracy theories, people are pretty divided. Some write them off immediately, and just assume it’s all total BS. Others tend to believe anything. But others of us think critically about these theories, and wonder to ourselves “huh, this could be true.”

There are the classics out there, like the JFK assassination, area 51, the moon landing, and that 9/11 was an inside job. Seriously, when you hear about conspiracy theories, those are the big ones. But there are a lot more theories where those came from. SO. MANY. THEORIES.

A lot sound like total BS, but there are some that are actually somewhat believable. Want to hear some reasonable theories? Take a gander at these 21 bad boys. Even if you think they’re complete BS, you can at least agree that they are entertaining as hell. But if you’re a fellow nerd then you’re probably thinking…. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

Here are 21 conspiracy theories that may actually be true:


Michael Jordan serving a suspension on the down low from the NBA when he went to baseball. The suspension being for gambling. I have my own follow-up conspiracy theory that Jordan’s image means so much to modern American athletic storylines and narratives that the big media companies would never look into a story like this to confirm it’s veracity, nor would they report on it in that case.


The Olympic, owned by White Star Lines, the owner of the Titanic, came in a collision with another ship. The insurance didn’t pay to repair the ship. The Titanic & Olympic were extremely similar, but with minor differences. The Titanic sail date was also set back & they made a plan to “swap” the ships. The “new Titanic” was to be sunk on purpose to both repair the ship with the insurance money & have the nearly completed former Titanic ready to sail in the future. Many valuable items were removed from the new Titanic before it set off. The lack of urgency also makes a point. The captain waited 35 minutes before the first distress signal was sent during the sink.


Dr. David Kelly did not commit suicide mere days after exposing Tony Blair’s lies about Saddam’s weapons capability. He was murdered.


Adelaide once had a more comprehensive tram network than Melbourne. But in the 1950s it was torn up. The Premier at the time, Sir Thomas Playford, struck an agreement with GM (owners of the Australia car brand Holden) to dismantle the network in return for them establishing a manufacturing plant in the outer northern suburb of Elizabeth. The tram network increased congestion with the increase in vehicular traffic as car ownership expanded. GM was fined significant amounts in the US for buying up tramways & tearing them up to replace them with bus routes (GM producing buses & parts for buses). So it’s not unreasonable they might ask the South Australian Government (who owned the tram network) to do the same.

Written by Alex Cogen

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