21 Common Mistakes Socially Awkward People Make

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

Being socially awkward isn’t fun. It’s not like we (yes, I said we) wake up one day and are like “hey! It might good idea to make people around me uncomfortable?” It’s not a choice we make, it’s just an unfortunate part of our programming.

But some parts that come along with being socially awkward aren’t things we actually notice. These traits that make up socially awkward folks are often MUCH more apparent to the people around us.. yay.

So what’s the best way to pull back on your socially awkward tendencies? To figure out the common mistakes you make on the reg. These 21 things are mistakes socially awkward people make on a daily basis, and knowing them could be a big life saver! Hey, it’s worked for me.

These are 21 common mistakes socially awkward people make:


Over sharing problems. While i will always listen to my friends problems and try to help them, when you meet someone and 5 minutes later they’re talking about extremely personal problems you have no idea how to console them because you just don’t know this person and it makes the whole scenario awkward.


Dwelling on minor mistakes. I used to be guilty of it, but learned to get over it. If you make a mistake or said something that hurt someone, genuinely apologize. If you made yourself look like a fool, don’t take it seriously, laugh it of and move on.


Eye contact and a sincere smile can get you almost instantly a great rep with a new person.


Apologizing unnecessarily and doubting themselves a lot when they talk.

Written by Alex Cogen

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