These 21 People Had Absolutely Horrible Bathroom Experiences

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Image via Giphy

Good lord public restrooms are THE WOOOOOORST. The only good thing about them is that they’re all over the place, and there when you need them. But even in your moment of desperation, you walk in that room and suddenly peeing your pants doesn’t seem all that bad.

So what’s the worst part about public bathrooms? The smells? The sticky floors? Or how about the lack of privacy? Each one is bad on it’s own, but that combination is what makes it brutal. You have to endure disgusting elements while being surrounded by some nasty AF people.

Well, there’s a good chance that what you consider a bad public restroom experience isn’t actually that horrible. Once you read what these 21 people endured, you’ll never feel sorry for yourself again. We pray to god that you never have to deal with that sh*t (pun intended).

These 21 people endured the worst public restroom experiences imaginable:


Happened to a friend. He works in the mall and was taking a dump before his shift started. Some random dude walks up to the crack and starts peeking in to which my friend says “what the fuck are you doing?”. Dude responds “I’m watching you shit!” Buddy jumps up and starts to leave the stall and the guy bolts.


I was at my local mall and wanted to use the restroom before going home. There were three stalls in the restroom. Stall one. The seat and floor were covered in piss. Pass. Stall two. There was a pile of toilet paper stacked higher than the bowl. No thanks. Stall three. The handicap stall. I open the door and see one guy on his knees blowing another guy. On second thought, I think that I can wait until I get home.


Once when I was about 16 I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with my family, and I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I was pissing in the urinal when a drunk dude came in and stood right by me for a moment, then asked me, “Hey kid you wanna know somethin’ really cool you can do in here?” and I was like, “uh yeah sure”. He then took his dick out and started pissing while walking backwards away from the other urinal, getting piss everywhere. He was laughing and said, “Dude this is some jedi shit right here” I practically ran out as quick as I can, it was super weird.


Was about 10 years old coming back from a Boy Scout camp in southern Virginia when we stopped to go to the bathroom at a gas station off the interstate. Me and my friend enter the bathroom when an old homeless guy was standing in there with the lights off. He says, “Come on in boys, the water’s fine.” we jumped and ran back to the car. Our scout leader thought it was hilarious and took us down the street to a McDonalds. My friend and I have been using that phrase ever since.

Written by Alex Cogen

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