21 People That Abused The Smallest Amounts of Power

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

By now, you should know pretty well that a lot of people with power tend to abuse it. Something about power gets to people’s heads, and they take advantage of their position of power. It sucks to be the person that has to deal with their egotistical power trip.

Although it sucks, a lot of the time you can kind of understand how the power could go to their head. People in REAL positions of power have a lot of weight on their shoulders, and they occasionally lash out. As long as they’re decent people, a brief power trip can be forgiven.

But some people go on crazy power trips when they really have no right. Coworkers with minor promotions or neighbors on the HOA take advantage of their minor advantages, and go INSANE. They treat the people around them like sh*t, and act selfishly and like they’re better than you, when they’re really not.

These 21 people abused the smallest amounts of power:


I was at a completely empty airport, and only needed to identify myself before I could pick up my luggage. There was no queue, so ‘I skipped the line’. That asshole at the desk made me walk back and compelled me to zigzag all around the fences, where nobody was standing. Afterwards, he and a colleague just laughed at me, because he knew that he could use his power like that.


I had a coworker who cheated when she played games with three year olds. When the kids called her out on it she would deny it and say that she was a teacher and whatever she did was allowed in the game. Her entire self esteem seemed to be dependent on winning games designed for preschoolers.


A teacher in high school tried to send me to the office for having an electronic device out in the hallway. The device was medical equipment and after I explained that to him he told me he didn’t care because I’d still broken a school rule. Needless to say I didn’t get in trouble.


We had a pizza party for people who completed a project at work. I was training a new guy and brought leftovers so I wasn’t interested in pizza. The new guy was about to take lunch and I told him if he wanted a couple slices of pizza he could have mine. Lol the guy who ran the pizza party said no way even after explaining to him I wasn’t eating, and he hid the leftover pizza in his office. “Only people who worked on this project are allowed to eat the pizza”. I went into his office and grabbed it and gave it to my guy.

Written by Alex Cogen

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