21 People Admit The Moment They Realized They Married The Wrong Person

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Finding the one you want to love and cherish and f*ck and be married to for the rest of your life is no easy feat. And even when you think you’ve found “the one” — you could realize months, years, or even decades down the line that they are not the right person for you, and maybe they never were. What happens when you realize that you’ve married the complete wrong person?

For some people, the red flags were easy to spot before marriage, but they had disillusioned themselves into thinking that saying “I do” would somehow fix all of the problems that were staring them straight in the face for so long. Once all of the sparkly unicorn sh*t has faded away from your wedding day and the congratulations start getting fewer and far between, you realize that you are really f*cking married. And yes, that person is the one who gets into petty arguments over your in-laws. That person is the one who you always catch looking at other women. That person is the one who can flip a switch into Hulk Hogan angry, abusive monster once it’s just the two of you. And that person is supposed to be with till death do you part. Yikes.

You think once you’ve found someone to marry, the hard part is done. Turns out — the hard stuff has just begun and the trials and tribulations that once rocked your relationship will now blow up tenfold. Will you feel stuck in the marriage? Will you have the guts and gusto to break free from the sh*t storm of pettiness and anger and resentment and abuse? Some people will be strong enough to get a divorce, but many will stay in these terrible marriages for fear of being single and “alone” and getting thrown back into the dating scene with a whole lot of baggage and a jaded personality to boot. Realizing that you’ve married the wrong person is f*cking tough, but the sooner you get out of it, the sooner you can start rebuilding your life and start boinking people who actually give a sh*t about you.

These 21 people realized too late that they had married the wrong person:


I realized when I checked our bank accounts and noticed they were completely empty of the money my grandmother had given us to buy a house. Then I noticed that he was ‘on call’ more than usual and that those calls happened all night. Then all weekend. Then I realized he was not the one when the chick he was fucking called our house looking for him and was surprised that his wife answered the phone. Turns out he emptied our accounts to pay for her. She was expensive.


His girlfriend texted me and told me I needed to leave so they could be together.


Other than when I was served with papers for a dissolution for marriage, I should have known she was going to walk when a month into the marriage she wanted to leave after a small argument. Then she called her mom and said maybe we should go to marriage counseling. The marriage lasted on paper for 23 months, but was already starting to disintegrate after a month.


He told me he can’t love me the way he thinks he can love a man. I was honestly relieved as the couple years leading up to that moment had been hell for me. I had convinced myself something was wrong with me, etc. He told me his truth and I was free. Fast forward 5 years and he’s still in the closet (he never fully came out) and living a miserable existence while hating me for knowing his truth. There’s so much more I could add, but I’ll just leave it at that.


A friend of mine realized it when the FBI came to arrest her husband for possessing child pornography.

Written by Laura McNairy

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