21 People Confess The Moment They Knew Their SO Wasn’t “The One”


I was dumb enough to ignore the schizophrenia, paranoia, alcoholism, and refusal to take his medication. It was when he drunkenly flipped a car with us and his sister in it one night while drifting, it affected me badly and one night he took off for a couple nights like usual and hit me with his car on the way out. I packed a bag for him and left it at his work. Kept his cat because he almost killed it with a flea infestation.


When she went back to pills and slept with her ex to pay for her addiction. Pretty obvious. 2 years down the tubes. Had planned to propose before I found out. Asked her parents and everything.


We had many similar interests, we both needed someone to lean on and we’re already predisposed to fast connections. It seemed great, ideal, a bunch of other positive adjectives and such. I suddenly needed to get away from where I was and we talked about me moving half way across the country. Then we (mostly her, she’s brilliant) made it happen. Problem was…we had no physical chemistry in person. We were a much better match as friends. Took a few months for that to really sink in. As it did other things came up. She was smarter with a way better memory, she approached the world very differently from me and gradually things became strained as all the little things added up. So we broke up.


I was working at a car wash just to make ends meet with our rent in the apartment. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for her dad and he dressed me down about it the first time I sat at their dinner table. She didn’t defend me at all and got angry when I defended myself to him. So I bounced. Moved my shit out of the apartment on my day off while she was at work. Left my phone on the kitchen counter. It was on her plan anyway. I ghosted her hard.

Written by Alex Cogen

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