21 People Confess Their Craziest Online Dating Experience


Online dating is definitely a hit or miss. You suffer through annoying people sending you creepy messages, and have to look through a lot of douche bags to find one decent person. But sometimes all those shitty dates pay off, because you find a really awesome person in the mess of the internet.

But, again, there are a lot more misses than hits. Usually it comes down to incompatibility, and you just aren’t feeling it. But sometimes there are major red flags that are impossible to ignore. Like someone that only talks about themselves or doesn’t tip at a restaurant.

There is also a difference between a minor red flag that makes you cautious, and a major red flag that will have you running for the hills. So if your date is a neo-nazi or has vampire fangs for teeth, maybe time to GTFO of there.

The following 21 people confessed their craziest online dates. Whether it was crazy for all the wrong reasons, or it was insane in a good way, these people had an epic date that they’ll be talking about until the day they die.

These 21 people confess their craziest online dates:





Written by Alex Cogen

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