21 People Confess Their Worst Experiences Meeting A Celebrity

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Meeting celebrities in real life can be a hit or miss. Like, if I ran into Colin Firth and said hello (while fumbling over words and tripping over my shoes) and he said hello back — then my life would be complete. If I accidentally bumped into T-Pain and callously sang “don’t worry” and that I’d “BUY YOU A DRANKKK” and he brushed me off and rolled his eyes? Who am I kidding — my life would still be complete, but he would probs hate me. Oh well.

There are some famous people out there that are super nice and chill. If you’re looking for that kind of list, try elsewhere. If you’re looking to see what happened when people got awkward as f*ck and celebs were huge, terrible a**holes — this is your list. I get it. Celebrities have to deal with the paparazzi day in and day out. They have no privacy and they just want to be like the rest of the world. Well, sorry to break it to you, famous peeps — y’all are rich and beautiful and talented and the rest of us peasants will never stop looking up to you.

Maybe you couldn’t contain yourself when you met Ryan Gosling. You ran up to him and slightly sh*t yourself because he touched your hand while saying hello. Or maybe Rihanna was a huge f*cking b*tch when you served her at a restaurant. I mean, she’s publicly announced herself as the baddest b*tch out there, so were you really that surprised? If your one bad experience meeting a celebrity shapes your entire outlook on the world, then you’ve got worse problems than the guy who wasn’t able to look into Elijah Wood’s eyes because they were too sparkling blue.

These 21 people reveal their worst experiences meeting a celebrity:


At a fancy restaurant in Atlanta because we were doing a fancy dress up night, some friends and I step outside to talk and smoke cigs. I don’t smoke so I was just talking, but a very attractive but somewhat familiar looking man steps outside of the restaurant too. He checks his pockets for a while and then walks over asks my buddy for a cig. My friend gives him one, light’s it for him, and then we continue talking. The guy stayed in our conversation for a bit, not saying too much but he was nice. Finally, he finishes his cig and my friend finally goes, “You know, you remind me of someone famous. You probably get this a lot, but you kinda look like Ryan Gosling.” I’m standing there thinking my friend is an idiot and awkward, until the man goes “That’s because I am Ryan Gosling. Thanks for the cigarette,” then he walks back inside the restaurant.


I was in LA for spring break and I ran into Gordon Ramsay walking with another stern looking guy into his restaurant. I flip flopped so hard over to him just to shake his hand and tell him I loved his work and all that. He was very stifled and curt with me, but cordial of course. Turns out he was walking in to shut down a restaurant that was in a big mess of lawsuits for a few years. He’s on his way to walk into a chic Los Angeles restaurant with the Ramsay name and some dumb kid in a Hawaiian shirt runs up to him to say hi. I felt bad.


I sat beside a News Anchor from my city on a cross country flight. I don’t remember his name but I recognized him from the news. I didn’t say anything to him, but the entire flight he complained about everything. “Why the fuck am I stuck back here?” (he was asking someone he was flying with who was on the other aisle seat about 3 rows up – they had a conversation, it was wonderful). “Can you move me up to first/business class?” “Why not, don’t you know who I am?” “Can’t you ask one of them to move?” “Hey, why is that guy getting a meal and I have to pay?” “What do you mean he pre-paid?” “HEY WHY DIDN’T YOU BUY ME A FUCKING SANDWICH WHAT GOOD ARE YOU?” (he yelled to the guy he was flying with). He was basically just a dick the entire time, and never shut up.


A buddy was getting an autograph from Alan Rickman. Rickman asked what his name was/who he should make it out to. Friend says “Joseph – also, can you sign it ‘Oh god, you’re one of them?'” Rickman realizes it’s from Die Hard. Stops signing, hands pen/paper back to him and walks off. Pretty awesome actually.


I used to wait tables at Planet Hollywood in Orlando. One day Wesley Snipes and his family came in. The manager told me and another waiter to serve just him and his family, no other customers. There was like 10 of them, kids, grandma, etc. Anyway, we served them for about 2 hours, they got their meal fully comped so they didn’t pay anything for the food, and left me and the other waiter a massive tip. Guess how much. ZERO. Nothing, not one dollar, and they got well over $200 of free food.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.