21 People That Got The Most Hilarious Revenge

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

People have different reactions to others screwing them over. You can just take it, and hope that they get their karma. Or you talk a lot of sh*t and hope that it helps get things off of your chest.

But there’s one other option that definitely outweighs the others: revenge. It’s so tempting for so many reasons. Firstly, you get to watch someone that put you through crap go through something similar OR even worse. It also takes a lot of the pain away. How is it that watching someone sh*tty go through something rough makes you feel so much better? It’s like when you heard Bin Laden was dead. You weren’t like “RIP” you were like “PAYBACK’S A B*TCH MOTHA F*CKA.”

Is there someone you need to get revenge on? Did someone cheat on you, or does your roommate use and eat all of your sh*t? Well, we’ve got the perfect revenge ideas for you. Take a cue from these 21 people. They got the absolute best revenge imaginable. And it wasn’t only legendary, it was hilarious AF.

These 21 people got the most hilarious revenge:


Someone f*cked me over for some money so I got a prepaid credit card and paid for a one year subscription to N.A.M.B.L.A to be sent to his church in his name.


In my biology class there was a girl who would always take some of my food. A good friend got a hold of ghost pepper peanuts a couple weeks later so I filled a ziplock with them and left them on my desk as an easy target. I was at the back of the room when I heard a squeak and then saw the same girl fly out of the room later to return 10 minutes later covered in water. No shame.


In the 5th grade, I paid a kid 5 dollars to break up with his girlfriend out of spite for her.


My flat mates stole my shampoo and conditioner and after repeated attempts to request they use their own, I bought myself a fresh bottle which I kept in my room and would bring with me to the shower. I then pissed in both the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower and never used them again except to observe their levels going down over time. Never told them. Never stopped. Worth it.

Written by Alex Cogen

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