21 People Intentionally Did Despicable Things During Sex

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

Sex is supposed to be fun, right? It’s about consent and orgasms… RIGHT? So when people do gross things INTENTIONALLY without consent.. that ish is f*cked up. Don’t worry, this post isn’t getting into that SUPER f’ed up non-consensual act.

But, when if you’re banging someone and they pee on you on purpose without your consent, that’s seriously messed up. Someone doing something that they know may ruin your experience is incredibly rude, and after that you should be like BOY BYE.

The following 21 people did some shady things during sex. Sure, some are more humorous, but most are really f*cked up, and should not ever happen intentionally. So take a cue from these people, and learn what not to do in the bedroom.

These 21 people did despicable things during sex:


My gf was giving me a blow job the other night and I had a strong need to fart so I tried to let it out easy and instead peed a little in her mouth and when she pushed on my stomach to get me out of her mouth I farted the most whale mating fart I’ve ever released.


I was in a sort of friends-with-benefits type deal. Anywho, we were watching Event Horizon (She hadn’t seen it) and one thing lead to another and pretty soon, she was going down on me. Well, I’m a pretty rad trucker when it comes to control so I held off until just the right moment. I waited for the scene where Sam Neil goes “We don’t need eyes where we’re going” to pull out and cum in her eyes. I even mimed the line as I did it. She just had that “wtf just happened?” look on her face while I laughed uncontrollably. She went to the sink to wash her face off and came back to finish the movie.


Paused to reach for my phone so I could satisfy the burning desire to find out which movie starred Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez.


I was receiving drunken fellatio from a beauty in college at a party. My guess was that she was new to giving head, but a natural. I tried as hard as I could to make it last, but sadly I shot my load after less than 5 minutes. I do not understand how it happened, but she didn’t notice me cum or simply did not care, as she did not stop. It still felt good, so I allowed her to continue as the blood flow to my penis ebbed. After a short time, I felt nature call. To this day, I do not know why I did it aside from being shit-faced, but I let it flow. Right into her mouth. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl get so angry and violently ill at the same time. I am such an a**hole.

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