21 People That Laughed at the Worst Possible Time

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Whenever I get nervous in an awkward situation, my first instinct is to laugh uncontrollably. No matter what the situation. Nine times out of ten, it doesn’t help me out anymore than I thought it would but I can’t help it. I try to suppress the laugh but it’ll work its way out of me and then it’s too late.

I’ve ruined plenty of serious conversations with boyfriends, family members, and close friends by doing so but that’s literally all I know to keep me from either breaking down or blankly staring them in the face without a word. So, at least there’s some sort of reaction, right?

Either way, at last there was a reaction. I’m not one that really knows how to properly process my feelings, especially when put under pressure. Don’t put me around a grieving family member or expect me to give a lending ear to someone going through a divorce. Find someone else for a shoulder to cry on rather than a fool that can’t control their laughter. It’s not a pretty picture and it ain’t gonna make you feel any better, that’s for damn sure.

These 21 people laughed at the most inappropriate times:


I had sexual relations with a female who must have thought a “kegel” was something that you eat with cream cheese, I digress…during intercourse her vaginal walls seemed nonexistent, nevertheless this did not interrupt her monologue about her “tight p*ssy.” I couldn’t take it anymore and fell into a fit of laughter, she removed my flaccid member from her insatiable juicebox and left.


Mine was at my grand-aunts funeral…when my mother was speaking. I was only little and nobody noticed but my near family because I bit my hand. But those were the most wtf looks I’ve ever gotten. I was horrible.


During the moment of silence at a Remembrance Day ceremony. I laughed so hard that I farted.


My whole family was at the hospital with my grandma as she was lying there in her death bed. I was holding her hand as everyone sang to her as she was dying. In my other hand was a cup of tea (we had been there a long time) I look down and notice that I had unknowingly dunked my hair into the tea. I looked up to see if anyone else noticed, and I saw my cousin staring right at me. We both burst out laughing. Im sure the rest of my family thinks we are heartless bitches.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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