These 21 People Have In-laws From Hell


MIL hates that I'm fat and the only holiday/birthday gifts she buys me are clothes that are purposely too small, to “encourage” me to lose weight. I'm a size 16 and every birthday I get a beautiful size 6 dress from Nordstrom, with a comment like “Maybe this will help you get those pounds off!”


Probably not the worst, but my husband and I married a month after my 18th birthday. I had a problem with shortness of breath and was constantly sleeping because little tasks would exhaust me. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong at the time. She told everyone that I was lazy and slept all the time and wouldn't do anything with my life, was mooching off her son, etc. When I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter, they found a blood clot in my lung (pulmonary embolism), which was causing all those symptoms. She then had to tell all of her former in laws that there actually was a problem.


At my wedding, my new mother in law turned to a girl my husband has known for years (that MIL wished he would marry) and said “Just look, that could have been you.” Everyone in earshot visibly did a WTF face including the girl.


My husband and I have been together almost 18 years now (no babies! LOL) and every single time he’s on the phone with his mom she asks how his wife, “ex-wife's name” is doing. Always feigns surprise when he corrects her and reminds her that he divorced his ex more than 20 years ago and is married to me. “Oh! Really? You're STILL with HER?”


My FIL once photoshopped a family photo to make my arms look smaller.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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