These 21 People Resorted to Desperate Measures to Get Food

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I’m the type of person that will stand near the food at a party or be on the floor hanging out with all the puppies. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be in a social situation, to be honest. Once, I was at a friend’s wedding as one of her bridesmaids, and she had to drag me onto the dance floor because I was too busy eating her wedding cake off to the side. Who can blame me? Wedding cake is the f*cking best, come on!

With hunger in mind, I must admit I’ve gone to desperate measures to eat food. I’ve been that girl lived off ramen for weeks on end until the next paycheck. When I used to live twenty minutes from my parents and didn’t have anything in the fridge, I’d show up at my mom’s for a meal. Whatever, we’ve all been there.

Being a broke college student pretty much entails having to go to whatever measures so you don’t go hungry. It’s not a real college experience if you don’t cook up ways to keep full. People can get creative when they’re desperate to fill their bellies, too. The possibilities are endless when you’re trying to eat a meal.

These 21 people resorted to desperate measures for food:


Stood around a very busy McDonalds, and when they called out an order in a big bag I just said “Over here!” and took it and left. I felt pretty bad about it, but I hadn’t eaten in like two days.


When I was 14 I ran away from home and lived in a tent near some railroad tracks. My mother kicked me out of the house over a child support debacle… But I wanted to stay to be near my girlfriend. On day 2 I drank a gulp of orange soda I found in a bottle near a bus stop. There was only one gulp and it was warm and flat- but not too bad. I wasn’t dying of thirst but wanted to get accustomed to my new hobo lifestyle. I later ate a partial McDonald burger I found in the trash- that was nasty- the little onions were gross. I lived on garbage food- And my girlfriend smuggled some crackers and chips to me for a week- then my mom let me move back in.


Worked at a horse farm when I was in high school and didn’t have a lot of money. Used to suck the molasses off of sweet feed and eat the oats. Had to spit out the corn and wheat.


a friend and i were out late drinking one night and when we hopped in the cab we asked the driver to take us to a carls jr….we were both craving a jalapeno burger so bad! any who, we arrived at the first carls, their stove was “broken”, the second was closed the third “out of jalapenos…we got to the fifth one that finally was able to complete and satisfy our order…the cab ride….$72.00…worth ever damn penny.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.