21 People Reveal The Hardest Thing They’ve Ever Had To Explain To Their Parents

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Coming clean to your parents is never easy. Well, unless you have an open and healthy relationship where you can talk freely about anything and everything with them. In that case — go f*ck yourself. For the rest of us with mommy and daddy issues, explaining to your parents that you are clean and sober might not go over very well. It’s also really annoying to tell them over and over and over again that no, you do not want a glass of wine at Thanksgiving.

Maybe it was the half-used box of condoms that your mom found in your room when you were 14. You’ve only now mustered up the courage, 17 years later, to tell her that you weren’t in fact banging all of the girls in 8th grade — you were just practicing how to put them on. Hey, at least you were practicing safe sex! Or perhaps you cringed the whole way through explaining to your dad how he shouldn’t click on random ads on websites — especially on his kinky porn sites. Like, we’re all adults here, but sitting your dad down to talk about safer ways to view porn is not high on my list of family activities.

So whether you’re coming to terms and owning up to a dark and secretive past to the people who raised you, or you’re just the one who’s stuck having to explain to mom how WIFI works, one thing’s for sure — adults, even the ones who claimed to have known everything when we were younger, sometimes don’t know sh*t. And sometimes, it’s up to us to break the hard news. Shouts out to all the sons and daughters who’ve had to explain what “bae” means to good ole mom and pop. Honestly, millennial lingo is pretty ridic, but isn’t that obvi?

21 people reveal the most difficult thing they’ve ever had to explain to their parents:


Was talking to my dad on the phone and he mentioned the news and this was around the time that Zootopia came out and I had to explain to him what furries were because of the people that showed up in fur suits to the theaters. My poor dad made it 62 years without knowing what a furry was and I had to tell him.


That it was me, the 11 year old girl, looking up porn on our desktop computer. Apparently I didn’t know of the whole browser search history thing.


It was hard to explain to them that I’m sober, because: this required admitting to them I had a drinking problem. This meant that I don’t drink at all, not even a little bit on the holidays. You be amazed at how easily they forget.


My mom found condoms in my room when I was 14. Half the condoms were gone. She started yelling at me that I was too young and I’m an idiot. It was so hard/awkward trying to explain to her that I used them just practicing how to put them on which was the honest to god truth! Good times.


Trying to explain wifi to my dad. For some reason, he’s convinced that to log into wifi, you have to check in on facebook. Everywhere he goes, he checks in because he thinks this is how he connects to the wifi. At least we know where he is!

Written by Laura McNairy

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