These 21 People Walked In On Their SO Having Sex With Someone Else

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

When you’re in a committed relationship, there is nothing worst than finding out your partner has been unfaithful. You hear it from someone else, or straight from the horse’s mouth, and you feel beyond hurt and betrayed. You’re thinking to yourself “could my life be any worse?”

Well, yes, it can. Some people live through the unfortunate and heartbreaking experience of actually catching their SO in the act. They walk through the door, unsuspecting, and see the person they love f*cking someone else. Every reaction is different, but everyone that goes through this is heartbroken. Seriously sounds like one of the hardest things to endure.

The following 21 people walked-in on their partner cheating on them, and it was a horrible sight to behold. Besides all walking in on their SO banging someone else, you know what these people have in common? They dumped that POS right after. No forgiveness, no reconciliation. They said PEACE OUT POS and never looked back, which is honestly the only thing you really can do.

These 21 people walked-in on their SO cheating on them:


Turns out, the girl I thought was my best friend had deliberately tried to get with my bf, and it worked. I walked in on them and didn’t say or do anything, just turned around and left. I went home (we didn’t live together) and locked the door and cried. He came over right behind me but I wouldn’t let him in. She tried to steal my next bf too, but he was a better person.


I vomited. It felt like it happened even before it registered what I had seen. It caught me totally by surprise. No suspicions, no sounds coming through the door… I was walking towards the door, looked in the window as I passed, suddenly vomited in the grass. As I’m heaving it slowly sinks in what I saw, I can’t believe it, totally caught me by surprise. I walk down the street to give myself some room to breathe. I sit down on the curb wanting to cry or something. I couldn’t decide if I was devastated or furious… I sat there for hours.


We lived together, and I got released early (military at the time) and came home. Caught her in the act, and honestly I think it was the dudes reaction that kept me calmer then anything. He started yelling at her “who the fuck is this guy, and you said you were single.” She had lied through her teeth to the guy (and to be honest, I’ve never been one the hang pictures or anything, or to live like a slob so it is fairly believable he didn’t know a guy lived there.) Anyways, I just started packing my stuff, and she tried to yell at me, and cuss at me and stop me from packing. She tried to take stuff from me, and dumped my bags, and I just kept my head down and kept packing away.


I didn’t say anything. Just walked in and she said the typical, “It’s not what you think!” I just walked out and haven’t spoken to her in over six months. I don’t even miss her. It’s nice to say that and actually mean it.

Written by Alex Cogen

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