21 Most Ridiculous Things People Have Been Jealous Of

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Jealousy comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It’s a pretty ugly look but we’ve all been there. When my younger brother was born, I was so jealous that my mom found me with a pillow right above him one day, ready to smother my problem away. Yeah, I was THAT jealous of him and my mom recalled that I said something along the lines of, “I was supposed to be the only one, not him!” He’s lucky I got over it.

There were other times when I was jealous of this girl in middle school that stole my boyfriend. That was completely and totally valid, right? I mean, she did steal my boyfriend and I had to see them in most of my classes passing notes to each other and holding hands in the hallway. DISRESPECTFUL, if you ask me. I did get over that, though. We were both bridesmaids for our childhood friend’s wedding a couple years ago (even though she was the Maid of Honor and I was jealous, once again)

I believe my issues stated were completely valid, though. Older siblings usually become jealous of another sibling joining the family and jealousy issues during middle/high school come from insecurities that all teenagers deal with. But some people take the jealousy issues a little overboard at times.

These 21 people admit the most ridiculous things they’ve been jealous of:


I was once jealous of a male TA because he could pull of skinny jeans and I can’t. Most skinny jeans won’t even fit over my giant calves, let alone look flattering.


My older sister is jealous of my eyebrow hairs growing back slower than hers. We both got them done three weeks ago, mine are still holding up while she had them redone.


We all wear glasses except for my sister – well, yesterday she found she does need glasses. She’s over the moon to be shortsighted “like us” now. She was so jealous before.


I tend to be jealous of people with light body hair, or little to no natural body hair.

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