21 Shady People Confess The Most Backstabbing Things They’ve Ever Done

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

Who hasn’t done shady sh*t before? If you say you haven’t, you’re a damn liar! Whether motivated by lust, revenge, or other sinister motives, we’ve acted out before and done things that we’d likely regret.

But have you ever really stabbed someone in the back? Turned on someone that maybe didn’t really fully deserve what you did to them? Maybe you justify it a little, but looking back, have you seen the error of your ways?

Well, these 21 people have. They have come forward to confess the shadiest, most backstabbing thing they’ve ever done. Whether they got revenge on someone that they thought deserved it, or did something they always knew wasn’t the best move, they now recognize that what they did was hella sh*tty. It’s okay guys! Just go to confession now, you’ll be good!

These 21 people confess the most backstabbing thing they’ve ever done:


I crushed up a bunch of No-Doz (caffeine pills) and put it in tiny baggies so I could sell it as meth or coke at a rave (I wasn’t the best person back then). A friend of mine was looking for uppers that night and I told him “I’ll sell you this, but it’s not very good. You should see if someone will trade you for something better”. I got my money, he got arrested for selling fake drugs to an undercover cop. I feel pretty bad about that one, still. It happened about 13 years ago.


I used to spend summers with my uncle who ran a campground and he taught me all kind of useful skills. One was how to make a key that would open all Master locks that were similar. Well back in the 70’s just about everyone had the same locks on their garage doors and garage door openers were not around yet or our neighborhood didn’t have them. So me and my friends decided that we would collect all of the locks off of the garages mix them up in a bag and put them back on. The next morning everyone came out to go to work and couldn’t get their cars out of the garage, the entire block was standing outside wondering what happened. It was really funny for about five minutes, then I felt bad.


I used to have anorexia in early high school years- was hospitalized for a couple of years, came back to school. It took me an hour to eat lunch, cutting a sandwich into 36 pieces and the like. There was a girl who sat with me every lunch for the whole hour, every lunch. For like a year. Then I started to talk to people more and ended up abandoning her. Didn’t even realize. By the end of high school she was totally alone. It wasn’t til two years later when I looked back that I realized how shitty I had been.


I’m a moderator on a local second-hand facebook group. An old lady put up a very nice bed for a very low price. I deleted the post, and contacted her. Got the bed before anyone had the chance to bid on it.

Written by Alex Cogen

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