The 21 Worst Airplane Experiences

Image via UFC
Image via UFC

Flying is a hit or miss. Sometimes you get a smooth flight, great movies and food, and you get a lot of sleep or work in. And who knows? Maybe you even make a friend or f*ck buddy along the way.

But every person that travels will experience that one flight from hell. You get stuck next to a POS that either farts the whole time or makes you extremely uncomfortable. Or you experience the kind of flight that makes you think you’re about to die surrounded by complete strangers.

So yeah, we’ve all experienced shitty flights before, but these 21 people take the cake. From sexual harassment to basically crash landing, these peoples’ stories will make you never want to fly again. But don’t let them deter you! Go see the world ya’ll!

These 21 people experienced the worst flights imaginable:


My friend was sitting next to someone on a plane and the someone kept bumping his arm in a rhythmic fashion until my friend opened his eyes and looked to see what was up. Unfortunately what was up was the dude’s d*ck and he was jerkin it hard. My friend was pretty scarred.


Guy that sat a few rows behind me died of a massive heart attack. It was a flight from Kenya to Stockholm and I think I was around 11. They couldn’t land, as we were right above the desert, so they just kinda put a sheet over him and stored him under the stairs (it was a double decker plane). I remember walking past the corpse on our way out the following morning and the sheet didn’t cover his feet and I was 50% excited and 50% terrified that I had seen dead person feet.


At the end of my trip to Canada all I had was a hoodie, no clean T-shirts. I chuck everything in the hold of the plane except my iPad and headphones. So I am queuing with my boarding pass and this dude behind me makes this weird sound but I’m British (so obviously I don’t turn round). Get on the plane and the air conditioning is cold, like, REAALY cold, so I pull down my sleeves, put my headphones on and pull my hood up. Yeah. So anyhow, that dude had been sick in my hood.


14 (ish) hour flight from Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai, China. The old Chinese man beside me who spoke only Mandarin had really, really bad gas the whole way through. Things got really bad when he curled up in his seat to sleep, ass pointed towards me so he could face his wife. Worst part? They were a super sweet couple (as revealed through tons of smiling and nodding from each of us) and so I didn’t want to make their flight worse by complaining to the flight attendant. I swallowed my pride and a whole lot of old Chinese male gas that day.

Written by Alex Cogen

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