23 Absolutely Despicable Things People Have Done


My dad joined the marines when he got out of high school. He didn’t really spend money but instead just sent it all back to his parents to keep for him. His father died and his mom used the money to pay for funeral expenses and keep up with bills. She then sold their farm and made a bunch of money. So fast forward a couple of years. My dad married my mom. They had my little brother, who was born with severe respiratory issues. He had to stay on a respirator for a month and they weren’t sure he was going to make it. My dad asked to borrow money from his mom to pay the medical bills, which were obscene. She told him no and that he shouldn’t have had a kid if he couldn’t afford it.


I have 3 sisters, 2 of them are twins & the most materialistic & self-important people. Twin #1 was the first to get married. My mother generously gave her a wedding gift of 5k. Eldest sister (not a twin) was the 2nd to get married. Again, my mother ponied up 5k as a wedding gift. Twin #2 has never been married. Shortly after eldest sister was married, twin #2 went to my mother & requested her 5k. Her rationale was that the other 2 girls each got 5k so she’s entitled too. And because of inflation her 5k will be worth less than their 5k, so she should get it now in order to enjoy similar spending power. Twin #2 also told my mother that she wanted to see her Will so that she knew what she would be getting when my mother passed away.


My friend’s wife is famous for her lack of tact. Their little girl is about 2 years older than mine. Her birthday was coming up, and my daughter (7 at the time) wanted to pick out the birthday gift. She plays with my friend’s daughter and has a good idea what she likes. She made a long list and carefully selected what she thought was perfect. Fast forward to the day of the party. Buddy’s daughter opens up my daughter’s gift, her eyes light up, and she squeals “Thank you!” Buddy’s wife: “Oh, honey – granny got you one of those already. Go ahead and put that one in the donation box.” My daughter was crushed. Six months later, we drew names for Christmas gifts for the kids. Buddy drew my daughter and his wife forgot to buy a gift for her and didn’t realize it until we were passing out gifts.


My grandmother had a a few gold watches she was really proud of, she got them from the mayor or something at some point in her life and they were worth a fair amount of money. My cousin who was a bit closer to my grandma than me (I live far away from her), told my grandma she really wanted to have a one of the golden watches, so my grandma gave it to her and to her sister. Not soon after I found out that my cousin went straight to the jewellers to sell the watch. My grandma passed away a few months later. My sister was pretty upset because she would have liked the watch as a memento. It wouldn’t have mattered if my cousin kept it as such, but she didn’t, she sold it right away. We would have gladly paid her the few hundred she got for them at the jewelers.

Written by Alex Cogen

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