23 Cringeworthy First Date Follow Up Texts

Thanks to the world of apps and the internet, single people have to endure wayyy many more first dates than their parent’s generation. Sure, some go well and lead to second dates & beyond, but I think we can all agree that too many of these dates have you planning your excuse to leave early and end with an awkward handshake or pat on the back.

Sometimes the date goes great. Your personalities really clicked, you’re super attracted to them, you have so much in common, only to find out you’re the only one who thought that. They couldn’t be more disinterested and you realize you were in a world of delusion the entire date.

Whichever side you’ve been on, nothing makes matters worse than returning home to your couch, checking your phone, and seeing a textual disaster that makes you want to plant your face directly into your palm. These people encountered some of the most insulting, rude, and egotistical texts that you would not want to receive from anyone, let alone a date.

23 Cringeworthy First Date Follow Up Texts: