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    These 27 Hilarious People Wrote Their Own Obituaries

    When someone we know or love passes on, we often find ourselves in a glass box of emotions. We are left to cope with the five stages of grief and finding ways to help ourselves heal. However, just because someone leaves this strange Earth, doesn’t mean they didn’t leave behind some great shared experiences, and […] More

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    23 Cringeworthy First Date Follow Up Texts

    Thanks to the world of apps and the internet, single people have to endure wayyy many more first dates than their parent’s generation. Sure, some go well and lead to second dates & beyond, but I think we can all agree that too many of these dates have you planning your excuse to leave early and […] More

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    These 23 People Got Caught In The Act by Family Members

    No one knows you better than your family, right? They made a silent agreement to bare witness to your most embarrassing childhood moments, your greatest accomplishments, and unfortunately… some moments that are a bit of both. After the painfully awkward “Where babies come from” talk, most parents and offspring are happy to never mention the finer […] More