23 Doctors Had Patients That Miraculously Survived The Impossible

Image via PopSugar
Image via PopSugar

If you’ve seen shows like House or Grey’s Anatomy, you know some crazy sh*t goes down in Hospitals. But, you usually write off that stuff as over-exaggerated for television, and not even in the realm of an actual possibility.

Well, crazy sh*t goes on in the world, and people deal with absolutely insane medical issues. Not only are this issues mind-blowing, they also seem unsurvivable. And possibly even more strange is that people can actually survive things that seem impossible.

People have survived things like a gunshot to the head, or even a car falling on top of them. Yeah, that sh*t has actually happened. These 23 doctors have seen patients that somehow survived something that should have killed him. Trust us, this sh*t is BANANAS.

These 23 doctors had patients that survived the impossible:


50 year old male came to the ER after falling & not being able to get up. His testicles were so engorged they came down to his knees with a width ~1.5x greater than his thigh. Penis was completely retracted into his scrotum. Had a CT scan that showed his entire large intestine, most of his small intestine, & his pancreas had herniated into his scrotum. You could auscultate his bowel sounds through his balls. The surgeon said she had never seen anything like this & that it takes months to get that way, & only happens in third world countries with poor/no access to medical care. She couldn’t do much because his diaphragm had become so accustomed to the altered space in his abdomen, that if she put his organs back in his abdominal cavity he wouldn’t be able to breathe independently. The poor guy had schizophrenia which is why he was in the condition he was in.


A patient I took care of had a car fall on his face. He was underneath it working when it slid off of the jack. The only reason he survived was because he broke every bone in his face (he had a Lefort III) which allowed for his brain to swell (he also needed an additional surgery to relieve the pressure of cerebral edema, but the facial fractures did allow for a great deal of “give” in his skull). I was rotating through ICU so I first saw him just a day after the accident. His head was so swollen, he didn’t even look human. Fast forward a few weeks later…I was rotating through a different unit in the hospital and came across the same patient. He was quickly recovering and had minimal neuro deficits.


Guy had an argument with his girlfriend, wanted to leave the apartment. Instead of taking the door, was real angry and jumped off the balcony, fell down 40 feet directly on his heels on cement. He ended up having an ankle sprain. I wondered how he managed previous issues in his life.


About 20 years ago, I had a patient come in with obstruction of his colon by a large colon cancer. The cancer had spread to his liver, and CT scan showed the liver basically replaced by metastatic tumor. So he wouldn’t die on intestinal obstruction (I won’t go into detail, but trust me, it is a very unpleasant way to die) the patient, his family, and I decided to try placing an expandable metal stent through the tumor. It worked! His obstruction was relieved and he was able to go home to spend his last days with his family.

Written by Alex Cogen

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