23 Hot Things Women Shouldn’t Be Self-Conscious About

Image via Onedio
Image via Onedio

We are all self-conscious about something. Even the most confident people in the world have things that make them feel insecure and nervous. Yes, even Beyonce and Ri Ri. It’s inevitable, because even if the world sees you as perfect, it’s unlikely you see yourself that way.

But sometimes, the things you’re most self-conscious about are actually desirable to other people. You don’t like your big butt? Well, a lot of people out there are turned-on by it, and others are totally jealous of it.

So time to consider that the things you’re insecure about may be not a big deal. Want some reassurance? These 23 people confess the things that some women get self-conscious about, that they actually find really attractive. So don’t let your insecurities get ya down! Someone will or does love you just the way you are.

These 23 things women get self-conscious about are actually hot:


One time I watched my gf devour like 8 tacos in one sitting like a f*cking animal, and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen her do.


A girl Im close to RARELY laughs around me because she thinks her laugh is ugly, I personally love her laugh and try extra hard to make her laugh because of the way it makes me feel. She always covers her mouth with both hands so she wouldn’t show her smile. Her smiles make my day every time, so it makes me sad to see her cover her smile.


With a former boyfriend, when I was ‘on top’ I felt like it was a really unflattering angle, like he might think that I have a double chin or that my big boobs were saggy and not pert enough. I had my arms crossed over my breasts and he pushed my arms aside and said ‘don’t hide yourself, you’re beautiful’ and I also realized that when I was naked on top of him, he wasn’t looking at my chin. The sex was a lot better when I was less shy about my body and realized that he wasn’t judging me as harshly as I was on my body and that what I was so paranoid about, he either liked it or didn’t notice it.


Messy hair.

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