The 23 Most Inappropriate Things To Happen At A Funeral

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When you think of funerals, the only thoughts that should come to mind are sad ones. Funerals are times for grieving and remembering loved ones. You’re expected to be respectful, and that is all.

Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, sh*t gets real. People say horrible things, behave stupidly, and just make the experience hella awkward. Like, seriously people, have some respect!

Sometimes your inappropriateness isn’t really your fault. Your phone goes off or you react to something someone else does, it’s really nbd. But sometimes you insult family members that are grieving, and that sh*t just ain’t cool.

The following 23 examples show that some people have no shame at funerals. Yeah, some are HILARIOUS, but some are pretty f*cked up. And although it may make things worse, if someone’s being a POS at a funeral, feel free to call them out on their sh*t. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING.

These are 23 of the most inappropriate things to happen at a funeral:


I once attended a funeral where a man broke down mid speech and started shouting and crying. His brothers had to pull him off the altar and a fight broke out. The ensuing action excited the father of the deceased who had a heart condition. He died on the spot. The next week I was serving another funeral.


My father’s phone ringing during the middle of a eulogy. His ring tone is the stabby music from Psycho. I was sitting right next to him doing the best I could to sink through the pew I was sitting in.


My paternal grandpa was kind of a scumbag. He talked constant shit about my mom, who’d done absolutely nothing to him, treated me and my sister like crap as kids, at one point telling 8 year old me that I’d “grow up to be a Godless whore just like your mother”. As soon as I hit puberty he spent any time I was around starring at my boobs. Tried to grope me once and got slapped for it, which he just used to talk more shit about me. I hated the old bastard, and death did nothing to change that. I do love my dad though, so I agreed to go to the viewing for him. I ended up just sticking with my dads girlfriend and my sister, who also were not a fan of this guy. My sister refused to go even look at the body, obviously still pissed with him, but I ended up going up with dads gf. Apparently she had a bit of a history with him as well because she leaned over the body when nobody else was paying attention and whispered with as much vitriol as person can muster while smiling “Good riddance you nasty old bastard.” I started laughing & had to excuse myself.


“At your next husbands funeral can you get better food and maybe a bigger tab on the bar?”

Written by Alex Cogen

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