23 Introverts Share How They Found Love

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We go through life aimlessly looking for love but it’s f*cking hard finding the person that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. it’s even harder when you’re introverted and have trouble meeting new people. Introverts really like their alone time, so you can imagine how difficult it is trying to find a partner.

How does an introvert find love when it’s so difficult even talking to people? Usually, if they even make it out to a social function, they’re probably off to the side or standing in a corner avoiding social contact. That strategy makes it even more difficult to find someone.

They probably take a leap of faith and decide to go out of their comfort zone. If they don’t, it’d just me that much harder to find a wonderful person that will love them and their introverted quirks. There’s hope for all of us out there, even the ones that have trouble socializing and would rather stay home reading a book. Someone will appreciate and love those quirks, I’m sure of it.

These 23 introverts share how they found love:


I’m pretty introverted… When I got out of the Corps I was going through a pretty severe culture shock and reverted back to my pre-Marine ways (goth scene). Found a fun event called Bat’s Day (goth day at Disneyland) and thought I’d go. She was one of the vendors that was there and that’s how we met, then 4 years later we got married and life is pretty f*cking great right now.


Pretended to be an extrovert and now she’s stuck with me.


First day of class, I saw a guy sitting at a table and decided to be brave and sit next to him. I sat next to him the entire semester and he never once did anything more than smile at me, and being shy, I never did anything more either. I walked out of the final on the last day kinda bummed that I never got to talk to him. I got back to my dorm to see that I had a Facebook friend request from someone I didn’t know, but had a few friends in common with, so I accepted. It was him. He messaged me, and it turns out that he had a crush on me too, but was just as shy as me, and assumed that I wasn’t interested, but decided to take the chance and friend request me (he checked our class attendance list to find out my full name). We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary.


I met him on reddit. He defended me against a few a**holes in a comment thread. I sent him a PM to thank him and that got us writing. Writing turned to a phone call which turned into a date. We dated long distance (5 hours apart) for six months and I took the leap and moved in with him to really see if this could work. I’ve never been happier. We love each other and have so much in common. I can honestly say I never saw this happening to me, but I’m glad I took the chance.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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