23 People Admit Why They Got Expelled from College

These tales of expulsion from AskReddit users run the gamut: drugs, bad grades…and some really weird shit you might not be prepared for – like #1 on this list!

1. Routine exorcism

I went to a private Christian University, and I have a friend who got expelled for supposedly exorcizing a demon out of someone in the middle of a wide open courtyard.

2. “Nail in the coffin”

I unintentionally got another student expelled. We were critiquing websites we had built when I noticed one that looked exactly like mine with a few tweaks. I popped open the source and noticed it was a line for line copy of my code with a few changes to the CSS.

I brought it up to the professor to protect myself in case he noticed them (though I doubt I would have been suspected, mine was more cohesive. The changes he did make didn’t make the site appealing). Anyway, apparently it was his 3rd time plagiarizing after twice you go “on trial” with the school. If you don’t get expelled then, a 3rd time is the nail in the coffin.

3. Duh

I spent too much time drinking and not going to class. I was a junior with a 1.6 overall GPA. University said they didn’t need my ilk around there and would open my spot for someone who would appreciate it. This got my attention. I went to the dean and talked with him for a couple of hours trying to get back in. He said no, 19 out of 20 of you guys go back to doing the same thing. I told him I would be the exception. He gave me another chance. From then on out it was 4.0 every semester. I finally got my GPA up over 2.5 so I could graduate. I made sure and went back to the dean’s office to thank him and tell him that I was that 1 out of 20 that made it.

4. Must’ve had a lot of free time

Installing bitcoin miners on all the computers in a video editing lab

5. Sounds like a blast

For being off campus with a member of the opposite sex without proper supervision. No, seriously.

6. Search engine problems

I was making a search engine for our school teacher evaluation page. It absolutely blew up in popularity and a large portion of the school was using it (about 5k views per day). Essentially it was like rate my professors except it used the evals that they force students to do at the end of the class as data. I also added features that made it more desirable to students.

It became so popular that it was showing up on the front page of google for certain teacher names. Some of those teachers had low ratings and got pissed off and complained. I had unintentionally violated IP laws because the evaluations were under password protections and my site was not. The only reason I didnt get expelled was because the dean of my department had my back. He did research and concluded the information should not have been private in the first place, then sent a public information request to make it so my project did not break the law. I definitely had people asking for my expulsion for a scary amount of time.

7. Lay off the weed

My roommate got expelled for basically never going to class, not even when there was an important exam. He spent all night smoking weed (with me) and playing video games (not with me), and then slept all day until about 5 PM. Like I would wake up, go to my 8:30 lecture, get lunch, go to lab 2-5, then come back to my room and my roommate was STILL sleeping! I found out the following summer that he had gotten a letter from the university asking him not to come back. Last I heard of him, he had enrolled at a commuter school, where he made the dean’s list.

8. That’s a little intense

Heard this story of this dude who got kicked out for leaving on break to train with Al Quaeda

9. Idiot cheaters

Currently am aware of a group of international students getting expelled from my school. They’ve been whispering to each other during exams in another language, and as luck would have it my professor happens to speak that language and has been slowly building a case against them without their knowing it.

The kids somehow also got the solutions to every homework and exam last semester which is very similar to what we’ve been assigned this semester. However the kids are so fucking lazy they blindly copy whole solutions not realizing numbers are different, sometimes units are metric and they answer in English, and one problem asked for something completely different than they solved for using the exact procedure to solve last semesters homework. They’re absolutely fucked and I’m kinda excited to see it. One of them had a 3.75 gpa was on the verge of being auto admitted to our MS/BS program.

He’s probably been cheating his whole college career (were 2 semesters away from graduation). Plot twist: the advisor to that program is the instructor that is currently building the case against them. So basically that guy is mega fucked.
Professor is a savage. He’s been grading all their homework and exams like everything was fine and one day unleashed a dossier of bitch justice to COAM.
Edit: anyone interested in an update COAM didn’t expel anyone afterall. They all just completely lost the homework portion of their grade (20%) so their probably all getting c’s at best.

10. A whole bunch of problems

Failing grades, insane roommates and theft accusations. I bombed out due to massive stress, appealed, got back in.
More serious/detailed response…

I was going to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, one of the few places I legitimately consider hell on earth. The school paired me up with various roommates who were had severe issues (refusing to shower 6 months straight, hardcore drug addicts, a guy who openly fapped to pictures of dead bodies… while I was still in the room). Nightmare fuel.

The entire dorm was terrible. People were constantly kicking or punching body-sized holes into and through walls. Elevators would drop multiple floors when you were in them. It was a nightmare. And then, one winter, a fire alarm started going off every single fucking night around 2:00am and we’d have to evac the building into the dead of Winter. Nothing quite wakes you up like fire alarms and freezing cold.

I mentally started to lose it. My grades dropped, and I failed the semester because I could never sleep. Between the fire alarms and overwhelming funk I was getting extremely worn down and stressed.
This continued on.

One of the deans calls me in one day and accuses me of credit card theft. According to the school, I had stolen a credit card from one of my roommates… and racked up a massive bill Lane Bryant and they had proof.
Lane Bryant, which I didn’t know at the time, was a women’s clothing store that specializes in plus size apparel. It was implied I was buying these for my girlfriend, but I had to point out to the school that I was gay. They changed their story to the fact that I must have been buying them for myself, implying I was a cross dresser. I kind of lost my shit, and asked them to provide ANY shred of proof to back up their claims. They had none, but proceeded to harass me about this shit for weeks, demanding I pay back the money I NEVER took or they’d have to escalate things.

Then I ended up with a roommate who was caught growing drugs (shrooms) in my closet. He got, but the school decided that chaperoning the guy was NOT their responsibility, and the guy ended up stealing half my shit, to which the school was like “Did you have insurance? No? HAHA! Not our problem. Please get out of my office.”

After that everything tanked. The stress piled on, and the plurality of shittiness that exuded from the school got to me and I failed out. As I said, I was able to appeal, get back in and later graduate.

Bonus AIPh Drama: A few semesters after all this shit happened the school paired me up with two roommates whose previous roommate pulled a gun on them and threatened to kill them. School moved the two guys into my room, and the guy who threatened to kill them broke into our building and got into my apartment.
This school was an absolute nightmare.

11. Gap year

I had a particularly rough semester and got D in a class that I had previously dropped after about a week the prior semester because my schedule was too busy then. Department rules say that you can’t attempt a class for credit more than twice (including drops) so I got kicked out of my major. I was 14 hours away from graduation at the time. The academic advisor said that I could either change my major, so basically start college all over, or fuck off for a year and then come back on probation. So I guess I’m not expelled per se but I’m taking an involuntary gap year.

12. Legend/Hero/Role Model

I shot a firework out of my ass in a campus owned house.

13. No Direction

I went to college right after high school and didn’t really have direction as to what I wanted to pursue for a career. I signed up for classes and went because I was told “you are suppose to go to college and get a degree.”
I started to not care about school about 3-4 semesters in and stopped putting forth effort. I decided I would rather work my job, drink with friends, and play my favorite video games. My grades tanked, and then I stopped going to finals and failed many courses. My university finally gave me a warning and then dismissed me.

I spent a semester off before applying to the local community college down the road to pursue a career as an EMT. I found a passion for medicine and a desire to achieve something more that drugs, video games, and a dead end job.
I repaired my GPA by getting an Associate’s Degree in Arts (General AA) and then went back to the university that dismissed me. I eventually would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and go on to medical school afterwards where I would finish that chapter and start my residency training in Family Medicine. I’m almost done with intern year.

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