23 People Confess The Most F*cked Up Thing Guests Have Done In Their House

Being the good friend that you are, you let your close homie stay at your place for a weekend. You think, “What could possibly go wrong?” You’ve known this dude for close to five years and play basketball with him every other weekend. What you don’t know is that bro never flushes after taking a sh*t and has a tendency to jack off to malware porn in the wee morning hours. That’s the last time you ever invite Eric over.

When people do weird, f*cked up, and just plain gross things at your house, it’s hard to wash your memory, furniture, and sheets of their destruction. Like, why’d you have to go and break all my wineglasses on the floor while doped up on sleeping pills??

So just be weary the next time you agree to have your friends from out of town stay over — you never know what seedy sh*t they could get up to. I mean, do you really want someone puking in your silverware drawer and covering it up with paper towels only for you to find two days later? HARD NOPE.

These 23 houseguests did some of the most savage and disgusting things ever:






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