23 People Confess Their Most F*cked Up Sexual Secret

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From the outside, things look completely normal. You go about your day, working your 9-5 and eating avocado toast and gabbing about the latest season of Game of Thrones at the water cooler. But little do your coworkers know that you run a neighborhood kink dungeon from the comfort of your home on the weekends. That’s maybe something that you don’t want Bob from HR finding out about — unless Bob wants to be tied up and spanked and called a bad, bad b*tch.

Some people like to keep their insane sexual secrets tucked deep inside of themselves. Maybe you were abused by an older male family member when you were younger but you find yourself calling all of your partners “daddy” in bed. Or perhaps you had an affair with a much older woman when you were 17 and none of your friends or family members ever knew about it. Her husband eventually found out, but instead of anger and sadness — he wanted to join in on the fun. You eagerly obliged.

We all keep secrets, but at what point does it start hindering the way we go about our days? It might be something as little as getting a blowjob while watching Schindler’s List — it wasn’t your best or proudest moment, but it hardly compares to keeping a secret that could ruin your livelihood and relationships. So whether you have a taboo kink or you can’t help but feel shame whenever you think of that time you let your dog lick peanut butter off your balls, secrets can weigh heavily on the mind — especially when they’re completely f*cked up.

These 23 people confess their most f*cked up sexual secrets:


Recently I’ve become involved with this nice couple who live a few miles away from me. At first it was straight forward. Come in, threesome or more with them and their friends, and leave. Now it’s become a bit ‘more’ than that. They’ve now set up an audience “chamber”(for about a dozen people in a small room) for their friends to watch me with their wives and girlfriends and other women. My first time going in, I really wanted to go home and just forget that they set it up in the first place. Now I don’t mind it. It’s weird, it’s kinky, but most of all we’re all having fun and I’ve had a lot of praise.


If you stick your tongue on my butthole I will do literally anything you ask.


I’m a girl, but I kind of want a dick. I’m not trans, I don’t want tp be male. I just want a dick where my clit should be. Or maybe one of those neato retractable dicks like in that futa hentai stuff. Sometimes when I drink too much, I have dreams about having a big penis, but everything else is just the same, I’m still internally female. Still, a big huge penis. Then I dream that I have to hide it from people and I get boners sometimes in public for stupid reasons. I find this immensely arousing, the idea of being ashamed of having a boner and having to hide it. Maybe I’m wearing a tiny skirt and I have to tuck it into the waist. I dream about having a dick pretty often. Well, sometimes it’s a dick, sometimes my clit just gets enormous for no reason. Not like obsessively, but often enough that I figured out it’s my fetish.


I think my biggest fetish is voyeurism and there’s just no good way to go about announcing that to a partner. The gratification of it comes from them not knowing they’re being watched. One night my boyfriend started jacking himself off in bed next to me thinking I was asleep (he’ll still deny it to this day), but I was by no means asleep and don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life. Eventually the tension was too much for me and I fucked the everloving shit out of him, and the next few days I’d have to excuse myself to the bathroom to get off if I thought about it. I wish it were as easy as asking him to do it again. He hasn’t done it since.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.