23 People Experienced The Most Excruciating Pain

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I’ve never broken a bone in my life. Fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll never have to deal with that excruciating pain. The most painful thing I’ve endured was probably after surgery and for the removal of a cyst in my right wrist. It wasn’t that the site was painful, it was the fact that the antibiotic medicine they put on my arm before surgery was a newer medicine that I hadn’t realized I was allergic to. The mix of the uncomfortable rash under a cast that went rom my wrist to my upper arm was probably the worst thing I’ve experienced.

I understand, there could be worse. Following that up, you can also count the time that I had my IUD put in. As advised by girlfriends that have had the procedure, I took two Tylenol before going in to see my OB/GYN. Well, that didn’t help much, because that procedure hurt like f*cking hell. Some say it hurts even more than giving birth but I wouldn’t know. I mean, a doctor is purposely sticking a tiny instrument into a woman’s uterus, like they really get up in there. It’s uncomfortable and f*cking painful.

So, those are probably the top two that I can think of but I’m sure others have had worse. I’ve heard giving birth is a b*tch and also proves the fact that women are pretty f*cking tough. Mothers are essentially pushing something that could be the size of a watermelon out of themselves. Natural miracle is an understatement. Sickness and infections are no joke, either. Some people have been through a ton of excruciating pain that has really tested their pain tolerance. Let’s hope we’re a little more careful and we can dodge the broken bone club for a little while longer.

These 23 people recall the most excruciating pain they’ve been through:


I had an ingrown hair on my d*ck which grew to the size of a walnut. It wasn’t fun. I had to go to the doctors and get them to drain it, cut it open, and pull out the hair. The horrid mix of blood and puss that came out of it was disgusting. I have a rather large pale scar on my member from where it was.


Back labor with my son.. induced by pitocin. I thought I was going to die.


I was a hockey goalie when I broke my hip..


Kidney stones and gallstones. I was screaming in pain till the morphine kicked in

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