23 People Noticed Deal Breakers in Their Partner A Little Too Late

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

When you are starting to date someone, you’re on your best behavior. You try to hide or minimize your flaws, and don’t want them to see the things in yourself that you’re not too proud of.

But there is a difference between minimizing flaws and completely hiding them, or lying to someone. You never want to change yourself for someone else, or be something your not, because if they fall for the fake you, then you’ll be living a life of a lot of pretending.

We all have flaws, or things certain people may consider deal breakers. The kind of things that, early in the relationship, would have caused the person to run for the hills. Well, the following 23 partners noticed characteristics in their partner that they weren’t too fond of, and noticed way into their relationship.

Although some dumped their SO when they noticed these deal breakers, others decided to just suck it up. I guess some things that would freak out people when they start dating aren’t deal breakers once you’re in love or married. Lesson learned.

These 23 people noticed deal breakers in their partner long into the relationship:


He kept a sex calendar/book, came across it two years into the relationship. He had symbols for what he did with the woman and notes like if it happen on the first date or not, for example X = kissing and so on and so on. The first few months of dating before becoming “exclusive” he told me I was the only woman he was with, well according to the calendar I was far from, sometimes multiple women in a day.


How mean she could be to people. She burned more bridges with friends in the 3 years we were together than I’ve done in my whole life. She’s generally pretty sweet, but when she gets pissed off she will say some of the meanest things I’ve heard. It took me a long time to recognize the common denominator because we rarely had any problems


Her low libido, I’m not a horn dog by any stretch, but completely avoiding and ignoring anything sexual for months on end. I would have like to have known that we are sexually incompatible. I love her with all my heart, we’ve been together for 25 years, but this subject is a source of friction which makes me feel depressed, unloved and unwanted.


I didn’t know she was literally in love with France. Like she was talking about how awesome France was, & saying how cool it would be to live there, & all sorts of romantic whimsy. Suddenly she disappears for like 3 days. Doesn’t answer any calls, isn’t on any messengers. I ask around & nobody’s seen or hear from her. Then finally she pops in IM and tells me she’s moved to France. That she found a place to live & someone to give her a job & that she’s learning French. Also that she was sorry for not saying anything, but it happened out of the blue! I didn’t want to believe it but NOT EVEN HER PARENTS KNEW. She stayed there for over 5 years. Became fluent in French. Managed to make a well-to-do living. Returned to the US to hold a party for all her friends that she abandoned… then moved back to France.

Written by Alex Cogen

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