These 23 People Unknowingly Said Their Last Words to Someone

Image via Buzzfeed
Image via Buzzfeed

Saying goodbye to someone that you know is dying is a horrible experience. Although it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do, you have the chance to say all that you want to say, and let the person know you love them before they depart.

But sometimes you don’t get that chance. People die unexpectedly, or you thought you had a little more time, and didn’t have the chance to say all that you wanted to say. You’re lucky if you look back and realize the last things you said conveyed everything you hoped they would, but often that’s not the case. Usually, your last words are something generic like “goodnight” or “talk to you soon.”

Or perhaps your last exchange wasn’t too pleasant. You got in a fight, or just went a lot time without speaking. This cases leave you with a whole lot of regret and guilt. It’s important not to beat yourself up over the last words you said to someone, and remember that they likely knew how much you cared about them. And from now on, always tell people how you feel, because you never know, the last things you say to someone could be the last things you ever say to them.

These 23 people unknowingly said their last words to someone:


“Go suck some more c*cks for pennies.” Legit the last text I sent my buddy who I found out died in the morning. There is this big inside joke that gives it background. We all razzed each other, he would give me shit about being fat, and I’d return with some shit. I don’t feel any regret about it, if anything it was just testimate to how close we were. But none the less, a weird statement to be the last one ill make to him.


“Goodnight” to my best friend and soulmate. He was only 25. He had a brain aneurysm in his sleep. It totally and utterly broke me when I got the news. I still have days where I fall apart over it and it’s been five years now.


My grandpa called one day just to say hi to me, which in the 16 years he and I shared the planet, he never just called to say hi. We talked about this, that and the other thing, including my college tour I went on the day before, and as he was about to hang up, he said “I’m proud of you and I love you”, and I said “I love you too Zaydie”. He had a stroke somewhere around two hours later. Its been 6 years, and to this day, I have never once doubted that he knew he was about to die a sudden death.


“I’m bored”. My mum was in a coma, cervical cancer, palliative care. It was boring in the hospital, Dad still took us cause he knew she didn’t have much time left. That was the last time I saw her. 2 weeks later she died. I dunno if I will forgive myself for that. I was 8 years old.

Written by Alex Cogen

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