23 People Did Weird Things That Ruined The Mood During Sex

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

When it comes to sex, you kind of expect it to go a certain way. You just want hot, sweaty, passion and to reach that big O. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is, because it doesn’t always go as well as you’d like it to. Sometimes your bang sesh goes terribly wrong because unexpected sh*t happens that makes you lose your momentum and just be like “WTF mate?”

So really, what could go wrong? Well, a heck of a lot. Someone could finish a little too soon, or fart or say something creepy and ruin the whole thing. It happens to the best of us. And when is the worst time for the sex mood to get ruined? In the middle of course. Nothing is worse than being in the thick of it, and all hell breaking loose, and you loosing your hard on, or drying up like the Sahara.

So, what’s the weirdest/worst things that could happen mid sex? Let these 23 people tell you. Their sexcapade was definitely ruined by something their partner did, and they have no problem complaining about it. What’s the weirdest thing that ruined the mood when you’ve had sex? Let us know!

These 23 people did weird things and ruined the mood during sex:


My old girlfriend had a big “no swearing” policy. I heard her mutter “God Bless America” in the middle of fun one night, and I had to just stop and laugh. That was it, I was done.


Had an old girlfriend that was extra handsy with the back door when she was drunk. One time I’m on top and she decides to use both index fingers and in one swift motion insert and spread…like she was just simply opening curtains. Pretty sure that’s the fastest I have ever moved in my life.


Every time she wants to have sex she says “fucky-fucky” in the same way as the Vietnamese girl in Full Metal Jacket.


His mom called and he answered as he was thrusting in me.

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