23 People Witnessed Horrible Mental Breakdowns

Image via Huffpost
Image via Huffpost

There is almost nothing scarier than watching someone turn into a whole other person. Imagine someone you care about going around normally, and then suddenly, a switch flips and they turn into a shell of their former selves. And they don’t just switch personalities into another normal person, they turn into a complete mess.

Seeing someone have a mental breakdown or go crazy seems beyond scary. One minute you’re with someone normal, and the next that person is screaming, panicking, and acting completely insane. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

The following 23 people witnessed beyond horrible mental breakdowns. Whether it was someone they love or someone they barely know, they had to watch someone completely fall apart.

Mental health is an incredibly serious business. If you or someone you know is suffering from psychotic episodes, mental breakdowns, or other mental issues, please seek help. Leaving these kinds of things untreated can only make things worse.

These 23 people witnessed horrible mental breakdowns:


My dad was extremely close (emotional incest close) with his mother. When she died, he absolutely lost it. He began having conversations with himself, laughing one minute bawling the next. We thought he was watching tv but he would actually be watching the cars go by through the window and threaten to kill the people in them. The last time I saw him he was a blubbering mess, sad not because I was moving out but because I was taking my cat. That was about 8 years ago.


The day that my father passed away we were all very emotionally drained and went home to rest. My grandmother (mother’s mother) went for a nap and when she woke up she had no recollection of dad passing away, or even being sick. She insisted that he was perfectly fine and we were all joking. She had no idea how she got there, or of many events that had happened leading up to that moment. So on the most heart wrenching day of my life I had to reiterate to my grandmother every 5-10 minutes that my father had passed and the story of what had happened. We took her to emergency after a couple hours and everything seemed to be fine. A couple days later she was back to normal. Still the freakiest thing I’ve ever witnessed.


My mother is currently in a psych ward. We thought she had been talking to someone who wasnt there but she’d just say she was talking to herself when we asked. She had a history of mental health issues. Last friday she started screaming at someone named Rose who wanted to drag her to hell and she didnt want to go. My dad took her to the e.r. She has been in for just over a week and has showed some improvement but is still talking to her. Rose is telling her shes in trouble and is telling her to not tell her family she loves us. Going to visit her soon. Hopefully shes doing a bit better today.


Growing up, My mother had always been open to me about how she survived a pretty traumatizing assault & why that made her react to certain things in a certain way. We forget about how small things can affect people especially after so long or not even being alive yet around the time. One time I had a friend over, we went outside while it was dark out to play some man hunt, & my friend stuck his face by the window to spook my parents watching TV as a joke, I honestly thought it was gonna be a laugh & didn’t think of any possible consequences. The moment my mother saw my friends face, she was immediately taken back to that night. She spent the next few hours screaming for help, crying, & just being completely in that moment again. My dad stayed right by her until she “came to” sort of speak.

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