23 People’s Experiences Show Why Concerts Suck

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Back in high school, I went to as many concerts as my parents would let me. Every other week, there was another punk rock or SKA band that was my on the top of my current obsessions and I’d beg my mom to let me go with my best friend. We’d hang out at the merch table, chat up new friends, and hope that the Conor Oberst or Kris Roe would walk by so I could ask for an autograph. (Yes, I was such an emo kid, secret’s out)

Those days were some of the best memories ever, I don’t think I experienced a bad show then. Actually, I don’t think I’ve attended a really bad concert now that I think of it. I have some pretty amazing shows under my belt: Belle and Sebastian, Leonard Cohen, Mac Demarco, Drake, and Beyoncé (yas Queen Bee, always and forever), just to name a few.

It’s unfortunate if you were to get pumped up for a show, dropped a bunch of dollar bills for tickets, drove out to see what you hope to be an amazing performance, and in the end, you’re utterly disappointed. The show may have been so sh*tty due to primadonna lead singers, too drunk fellow concertgoers, or the venue was just full to the brim and being packed like sardines wasn’t the way you planned on spending a Friday night. Maybe watching a show from the balcony isn’t that bad of an option, for the next time around, if there even is a next time.

These 23 people’s awful concert experiences made them rethink attending another show:




Smashing Pumpkins in Oxford, Mississippi in April 1994. Billy Corgan was in a foul mood. About six songs into their set, he started playing the opening chords to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and the crowd went crazy. He then started mocking the crowd, saying something like, “Yeah, that’s all you wanna hear, isn’t it? F*ck you!” He then stormed off stage, and the show was over.


I saw RHCP back in 2006, during their Stadium Arcadium tour. It was a damn mess, none of the band seemed really into it, and the crowd could tell. They ran short, barely performing as long as their opening act. It was a really negative experience for a lot of people who went, and from what I hear, their performances aren’t much better now. The really poor performance destroyed my enthusiasm for them.


The Vines were so bad in 2011 at Splendour in the Grass. Their drummer and guitarist left 3 months after the performance, and nobody really wanted to be there.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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