23 Shocking Things People Confessed From Their Deathbed

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Seeing someone on their deathbed has to be one of the hardest things to witness, especially if it’s someone you love. You expect it to be a sad moment full of tears, I love you’s, and goodbyes. What else could possibly happen? Well, some people take their final moments to confess secrets they’ve been holding onto and want to get off their chest before they go. They don’t want to die without someone knowing the thing they’ve kept to themselves for years.

So what kind of things would people confess? Usually things that are beyond shocking, and that could potential change the lives of all the people they leave behind. From secret families and affairs, to secret family recipes, the secrets can go from horribly depressing to ridiculously funny. I guess you never really know the things that remain unsaid.

The following 23 people confessed incredibly shocking things before they died. Whether it was to family members, friends, or nurses, these people had to tell someone the secret that had possibly been weighing on them for years, even decades.

These 23 people confessed shocking things on their deathbed:


My uncle had been in a car accident. It was bad. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, he said “tell my wife that Wendy is my daughter and I love her.” He died a few minutes later because of internal bleeding. Wendy was the neighbors’ then 5 year old child. That caused a huge shitstorm, I can tell you.


I’m a medical student and I had a female patient who was new to our practice who was HIV positive. I needed to ask her how she got the virus i.e Sexual or IV drugs. She tells me it was sexually transmitted, and the only reason she got tested was because her partner of 3 years last words to her as he was dying in hospice was “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you; forgive me.” Heavy stuff.


My dad was adopted from a woman who went to my grandparent’s church and got pregnant out of wedlock. My grandpa confessed on his deathbed that he had actually had an affair with that woman and he was my dad’s real father, which was why he suggested adopting him in the first place.


My mother died when I was 11 of stage 4 cancer. While she was on hospice at home, my grandmother (on my dad’s side) was standing by the bed. She woke up, heavily medicated, pointed and said “What are you doing here, I never liked you.”

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