23 Spa Experiences Gone Horribly Wrong

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A day at the spa should be full of fun with girlfriends, pampering, and glasses of champagne topped off with raspberries. Counting down the days until this wondrous occasion seems like it takes forever but when it finally comes time, it’s all worth it. You get ready to put on one of those plush robes, walk around while people wait on you hand and foot, and most of all: RELAX.

Or not. Some times, a day at the spa can go awry, which is a complete bummer. Horror stories at the salon can be few and far between but those that circulate are pretty f*cking awful. From staph infections to awful dye jobs and especially losing layers of skin due to a waxing gone bad, some spa experiences aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Some times, it may just be better to stay home to stay in your jammies while giving yourself a mani/pedi and watching The Bachelor.

“A Day at the Spa Goes Awry” should be a Hollywood scriptwriter’s dream, a horror story that starts off as a beautiful day at the spa that turns into a sh*tshow. It’ll be on the same page as the SAW series, I bet. You can thank me later for that idea.

These 23 ladies experienced a day horrible time at the spa:


Someone I knew got herpes on her face because the Cosmetologist who did her wax used the same stick for a brazilian wax on someone else before her.


So I got my nails done, they look dope & I’m so happy, but they convinced me to do an eyebrow wax. OKAY…. I told the lady not too thin! I needed just a touch up but she waxed them so thin and I’m so upset about it. I had such wonderful thick-ish eyebrows before and now they aren’t to my liking at all.


My best friend and I decided to do a spa day together. We found a place near that had a special deal on that included a facial, full body massage and mani/pedi all for a great price so we booked an appointment. We get there and are greeted by this snooty girl who looked fresh out of aesthetics school. She couldn’t find a record of the appointment we booked and is generally giving us attitude, then ask for a manager that was just as clueless, who set us up in a room. No one knew about the special that was on their website, so they call the owners and ask about the package before we finally get started. I get stuck with the snooty girl and my friend gets this other woman that they didn’t inform us was a student doing her placement. I ended up breaking out for my facial and my friend’s massage was horrible because the girl only used her elbows. Our manicures were done so bad and half assed that we just skipped the pedi’s and decided to leave. When we went to pay afterwards we asked for a discount since the service was so horrible and they refused. So we paid and didn’t leave a tip and told them we were never coming back and will tell others to never come here.


When I was in college, I bleached and dyed my hair a lot (did it myself, not at a salon). One day I decided to get a nice, professional dye job to go back to a natural color. At the time, my hair was black. I wanted it lighter, and I’ve always been under the impression that can’t be done with just dye. You have to bleach it first. The woman I went to assured me she knew what she was doing and that my hair would be the light color I wanted with just a dye job, no bleach. So she’s going along doing my hair, and I keep reminding her that I want it light. It keeps looking black, but she keeps reassuring me. Sure enough, she finishes up, and my hair is still stark black. She has the nerve to look me in the face and say that what I can clearly see is black, is actually brown.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

Irvi Torremoro is an Austinite by way of Las Vegas. She's worked in various outlets in food & beverage and is now focused on writing, eating all the things, talking about Beyonce, and petting all the puppies. She runs, a lifestyle blog about people in the service industry.