These 23 Students Offered Up Sex In Order To Pass A Class

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School is rough. You have to like, study and shit. UGH. And then you need to do well, because getting good grades leads to a good job and a better life.. right?

But what if you just aren’t doing well and want to get your grades up without extra credit or studying? What else is there to do? Well, bang your teacher, of course! All you have to do is get a couple humps in, and presto! You’re an A student!

Isn’t it crazy that some people think they can do that? Well, it’s probably because that has sadly worked for people in the past. WTF?! People, you’re paying for school, why don’t you just learn some sh*t while you’re there and get your moneys worth? Stop trying to take the easy way out! Exchanging sexual favors for A’s just ain’t cool, and it never will be.

These 23 students offered up sexual favors in order to get better grades:


First semester teaching, had a student flash her p*ssy at me for 2 weeks straight then offered a threesome with a sorority sister closer to the end of the term. Got very agitated I refused both the advances and changing her grade. Was fucked up too because she was arguing me to change an 89.6 or 89.7 to an A… for a lab course that averaged into the lecture like a test so adding 0.4 points would have only changed her final grade by 0.06 to 0.08 points.


A student had failed a term test in a college course I was teaching. This ultimately meant that she’d fail because of how the grade breakdown was set for the course. This was also my second time teaching her. She failed the first time around and was potentially on the verge of being removed from the program. That evening, she stayed after class to review her test. I showed her where she went wrong, but she seemed disinterested. Towards the end, it went something like this: “Is there anything I can do to pass the test?” “Unfortunately, no.” “I can hammer down on you.” “No, stop it.” Then I packed my things and left. I was more thrown back by the phrasing than anything else. Hammer down on you? Who even says that?


I used to teach an astronomy class which required the students to once a week to the campus observatory. One girl in my class was pretty clever over all. She didn’t like working particularly hard so she always sat with the nerdy awkward guys who easily did all the work. She was reasonably attractive & playfully flirted with them enough to get them to basically do all her work for her. One day she asks me if the observatory would be open to which I responded, “I don’t know” because it was the middle of the day. She then sighs & says, “Maybe we could meet up at my place tonight & determine my grade some other way…” Well, me being the suave physics grad student that I am just stared at her expressionless & quickly walked away.


I had a girl say she’d “do anything” for extra credit. Her intention was clear. I made a joke of it by responding “Anything? Would you kill a guy?” I think she was embarrassed I didn’t go for it. She dropped my class not long after.

Written by Alex Cogen

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