23 Teachers Reveal What Famous Celebrities Were Really Like In Class

Have you ever wondered what celebrities were like growing up? Did they flunk biology and act like total pricks to their 3rd grade teacher? Or were they sweet little angel babies that made their high school Spanish teacher swoon?

Well, apparently John Travolta was super annoying on his HS basketball team and Matthew McConaughey was adorably sweet. But like, we already knew that. Alright, alright, alright mother f*ckers!

Some famous celebs grew into their diva nature — I’m lookin’ at you Mariah! But for others, it seems as though their penchant for the spotlight and rotten attitude has always been present. The Biebs will forever be a little douchebag, it seems.

These 23 teachers knew your favorite celebs before they were famous and their stories will shock you:






Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.