23 Virgins Ask The Questions About Sex They’ve Been Dying To Ask

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Image via Pinterest

Remember life before sex? It’s hard to look back on those dark times, because sex makes life better. But it’s not hard to remember what it was like being a virgin. Sex seemed like this exciting yet terrifying endeavor that you thought about constantly. You always wondered what it would be like, and couldn’t wait to start banging people.

But besides your excitement, you had a lot of questions. You didn’t really know what to expect, and all your knowledge really came from pornos and movies. Perhaps you learned some things from sex ed, but it was all about protecting yourself and the risks, not the good things that come from getting it on.

Well, these 23 virgins asked all the questions that you probably would have liked to know as well. Some of them are totally reasonable and understandable, and then there are others that you’re just like “WTF, people are actually concerned about this?” So virgins, stop worrying so much. Sex takes some getting used to, but it’s the best thing EVER. Just be safe, and happy humping!

These 23 virgins asked the questions they’d been dying to ask:


How do you get it in? Like do you just kind of move your hips around under the covers, stab around, and hope for the best?


What should I expect genitals to taste like?


How do I know where the hole is?


Is it awkward being naked in front of someone?


Written by Alex Cogen

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