25 Celebrities Were Completely Rude To Normal Folks


When I was 10 my mom had to pull me out of the way because Brad Pitt couldn’t be bothered to alter his path and planned to I guess walk through me.


My aunt was a pediatrics nurse & the father of one of her patients was Keith David. He brought her in for annual check up and needed his info for paperwork. When she asked for his name, he responded without looking at her “I’m just the father.” She was taken aback by the response and said “come again.” He gave the same response. My aunt has two unique talents, spotting actors and naming every movie they have been but maybe not the actor’s name (“hey, it’s that guy!”) and not giving two fucks about people’s attitudes, she was a former LA County Sheriff. Anyway, she said “look dude, I know you’re an actor, I know you’re kinda famous (this was in 1999), but I’m not lookin’ for an autograph, I need your info to fill out paperwork for your daughter, you know; the reason you’re here.”


Whoopy Goldberg once roughly pushed me out of the way in a huff somewhere in Manhattan in 2009. I can’t remember what neighbourhood it was, I remember it was late and we were all exhausted and walking to the subway to take back to where our hotel was. It was my last year of high-school and I was on a tour of the island with my art class.


When I was little, we were on layover at SEA-TAC airport and the LA Lakers were waiting to get on a flight (presumably after a game with the Sonics?). My Mom and my Brother give me a pen and paper and tell me to go ask Magic Johnson for his autograph. I was way too little to even know who he was, but I could tell by their excitement I should go do it. I ask him for his autograph, and instead he hands me his coke can and says “go throw this away for me”. Me being a naive little kid takes it and runs over to the trash and threw it away. I was so stoked that I did a good job of throwing his can away that I didn’t go back for the autograph.

Written by Alex Cogen

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