These 25 College Students Were Expelled For Insane Reasons

College students do the darnedest things! They skip class, do loads of drugs, and f*ck all over the damn place. And who really cares? They’re young, let them live it up before they are old decrepit trolls like the rest of us.

But when it comes to doing shiz on school property, authorities seem to get hella pissed. Usually a lot of that stuff warrants an expulsion, and it’s not THAT shocking. But some peeps go to religious and strict universities, and the rules are a bit… cray. Like, getting caught smooching or going to a movie unsupervised with the opposite sex gets you kicked out. DA FUQ?!

So when it comes to college expulsion, these 25 people have had it pretty bad. Yeah, some deserved it, but some make you say “WTF” out loud and wonder why people even bother with college in the first place.

These 25 college students were expelled for insane reasons:






Written by Alex Cogen

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