25 Hilariously Idiotic Break-Up Excuses That People Actually Used

Image via We Heart It
Image via We Heart It

Getting dumped sucks, no matter how that dish is served. Despite the manner in which it’s delivered or the excuse they give, it just freakin’ blows.

But if I had the choice, I’d want to get dumped in a terrible way. Seems weird right? Well, don’t you want an excuse to fuel that sadness into hate? ‘Cause dang, I do! I want to be dumped via post-it or by being told that I fart too much. Because I’ve been dumped the nice way, and it sucks so hard. You miss the person more, because it feels more like you lost out on a catch.

The following 25 people got dumped in my dream way (yes I dream of being dumped, STFU). These people got dumped for the world’s dumbest reasons, and their (ex) SO looked like a complete f*cking a** hole. Seriously, if you dump someone because they have cancer, and you “have to stay home all the time” then you’re a POS. So I know being dumped blows, but good riddance! If your ex dumped you like THAT, they don’t deserve you.

These 25 people got dumped for hilariously horrible reasons:






Written by Alex Cogen

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