25 Of The Best Before And After Pet Adoption Photos

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Adopting a pet from a shelter not only brings the animals an exorbitant amount of joy and love — it also fills their forever humans with the same transcendent happiness. If you’re like me, then you probably want to adopt every single animal that ever existed while walking through the sad and lonely cages of strays and abandoned dogs that look up at you with gleaming puppy eyes, but unfortunately we can’t help every animal. And that breaks my gahddamn heart.

So while it’s impossible to save every animal at every shelter, I say — why not try? I honestly don’t know why being a “crazy cat lady” is such a taboo. I mean, you’re surrounded by cute fluffy kitties with hilarious personalities all day, you never get lonely, and you gave these animals a shot at a fulfilling life while fulfilling your own. And that’s more than can be said for the douchebags who make fun of said ladies. Maybe Chad is just lonely and dead inside. I say — be the crazy cool cat lady (just don’t let them eat your face if you die alone in your apartment).

It also kind of baffles me when I see people walking around with their five thousand dollar designer dogs. Of course I ogle them because duh, when have I ever not ogled a dog? But it makes me just a teensy bit furious thinking about the awesome and goofy and lovable dogs who are waiting at the shelter, passed up because they might not have a purebred label. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s adopt and not shop! Take it from these 25 people and stare into the eyes of their cutie patootie adopted children because let’s be honest — our pets are taking the place of kids and I’m here for that.

Try not to cry of happiness while looking at these 25 photos of the sweetest pet adoption photos that ever existed:

Who are we kidding? PASS ME THE F*CKING TISSUES.


Pulled from the trash in Qatar missing most of her rear left leg. 16 months later!


Jake was all skin and bones. 3 months after rescue, he looks so healthy and happy.


Chance moved from Kathmandu, Nepal to West Virginia.


Pancho weighed 3 pounds when he was first adopted and had to wear a sweater because he lacked proper body fat.


It’s his 3rd adoptiversary!

Written by Laura McNairy

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