25 of The Strangest Things People Saw While In Traffic

Image via E!
Image via E!

UGHHHH TRAFFIC AMIRITE?!? It sucks so hard. No matter how many podcasts or audio books you have downloaded, traffic is still a major SOB.

So what do you do if your normal sources of entertainment run dry? Why, look to other people, of course! People watching is an endless source of entertainment, so what better way to spend your time on the road than looking at the people driving out there with you?

But sometimes it goes beyond normal sh*t, and some weird AF things happen in traffic. Like, you see a bunch of cops chasing a pig or a chick masturbating in her car. Seriously, WEIRD F*CKING SH*T DUDE. So if you’ve witness any like (or crazier) than the following 25 strange things, please HIT US UP.

The 25 strangest things people have seen in traffic:


Saw a dude get out of his truck, pull out his fishing gear and pretended to fish for cars on his tailgate. When he finally got the line stuck on a guys windshield he called for his buddy to come out and help reel it in. They ran up to the car with a net and put it on a windshield than proceeded to take a picture with the car…. When I got closer I noticed the dudes “lure” was a small red gas can. As our lane passed his, he just looked and gave me a tip of his hat as he continued to try to catch the Hummer another lane over.


I once saw a guy in a Pikachu onesie riding a motorbike at 3am. When the light went green, he raced the guy in the lane next to him. It was pretty cool.


Around 4 years ago I saw a woman using a vibrator while in traffic.


My fiancée told me that she was sitting in traffic yesterday and kept hearing someone honking their horn, she finally looks over and the guy two lanes over is holding up a sign directed towards her that says “You’re Hot”, she said it was laminated and everything.

Written by Alex Cogen

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